Be Selfish. Be Praised.

Midnight is the time to reflect on the day. To feel what should have been felt in real time, but the excessively busy day would not permit. Any side I turn around, there are people. Loads of them.

I have walked like twenty-five thousand steps in one day and give or take, but mostly take, a couple of thousand on other, until I am not longer directing my legs but, instead, they are dragging me. Paralysis of all kinds, emotional, mental and physical, is à la mode lately.

Tiring but enlivening.

I see people, animals, birds, vehicles, concrete tower blocks. Stray or domesticated or wild. They are aplenty. More than necessary. In many cases, they are not there to provide comfort, but to teach to be without any company.

Life is such a waste for some. So much time. Such a long life to be alone. There are so many people, and yet so much loneliness. All that noise but not enough to pierce their silence.

Why can’t anyone see what I see?

Immunity? Selfishness? Busyness?

Busy with what? Self-serving agendas?

How are people who only think about their own welfare come to be known as the ‘kind people’, while those who like to make some noise come to be known as the nasty ones?

Isn’t it the easiest thing in the world do? To stick to one’s own selfish agendas, save every dime for one’s own self, to hell with the rest of the world as long as our own house is warm?

Charity? What charity?

How easy it is to be the kind one! Praises from all sides. Ready to be canonised.

Hassle-free life.

I don’t want hassle-free. I want noise. I create noise. Because I think. I find time to think. I make noise for everything that is not right, not to attract attention to my deeds. I want answers because I ask questions.

I am not selling my soul.

How can people eat their meals in peace when there are people out there starving? How can some splurge when there is not enough for some to buy a packet of bread? How can they pay no heed to people dying avoidable deaths, not of overindulgence? How can they think only about themselves?

Since when have opportunism, greed, selfishness become virtuous traits?

These people are lonley. They are hungry, sad, ill, poor, hopeless, aimless. Deprived of everything. Stripped of dignity.

So many people near them. Not one for them. I can sit here forever with them. Watch their every move. What makes them tick? What motivates them to wake up every morning for the daily drudgery?

And, people in the West have problems!


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