Rajasthan and Agra

Photography Tour Of Rajasthan.

It was an absolute delight to be in the company of the Schusters and their in-laws Haas’. We were together for 13 days, on our feet during the day and watching the stars at night, sipping a wine or two, on the terrace of the haveli, our residence for those many days, except the time we were in Shekhawati.

The most haunted Bhangad Fort was an experience Lea will never forget for the rest of her life, but she wants to visit again, without Simon, only with me. In fact, most of us will not forget that unusual day when we came out believing in the existence of spirits.

We all had some great moments filled with fun, laughter, fear, anxiety, adventure, and exhaustion. We returned home with some interesting pictures and stories of each other’s lives and how we were able to relate to one another. We all seemed to have a few things in common – we were all independent willed, like minded, extroverts, and enjoyed travelling.

Taj. Wah Taj.


The last leg of the trip was Agra.

Visiting the awe-inspiring Moghul monument. As if all the centuries old monuments in the desert state were not enough. Seemed like they were not enough, we drove down to Agra to experience the ever-enchanting mausoleum, the epitome of deep and everlasting love.

Can a man really love a woman that much? Like Shah Jahan loved Mumtaz! To leave a permanent trace of his intense passion. It is not about the size of the monument or the cost. Shah Jahan was an emperor. He could commission anything. It was the thought. He wanted to do this for the woman he so loved. It would have been equally enchanting had it been made of mud instead of marble.

It was an emotional experience to admire the symbol of love, as I stood in front the tomb with the crescent moon right above the tamga cupped by the minarets from all sides, appearing almost sihouette-y as the day went down. I touched the wall of the tomb one last time before we drove off and felt the deep love like a current through my body, leaving me warm on that cold wintery night.

Back to Jaipur with a heavy heart, for the “enchanting” flight to England.

Note — If you are after touristy images of the region, Google will be your best bet.

For the rest of you..click the image below to go to the YouTube link to view the slideshow. Photo credits mentioned on YouTube page.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

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