The Sky. And the Insignificant, I

I am never drawn to photograph the softer side of nature. It’s plain boring for me. I don’t believe in “making something work” if it hasn’t worked for me in the first instance. There are trillions of extremely beautiful nature photographs out there, but over-saturation is not the reason why I won’t take them. That would be the easiest thing to do. To photograph what one sees. Plus, what can possibly go wrong with something that’s already so beautiful?! I’ve often said that nature, even if messy, is the best backdrop. It needs no touch ups.

The things in nature that are not instantly obvious are the ones I seek.

Pointing my camera skywards, I shoot a couple of images. Seeing the expanse, one that I believed, as a child, was the doorway to heaven, I realised the insignificance of me in the grand scheme of things. I later change it to black and white.

If I do photograph pretty flowers some day, it will only be to demonstrate a new technique I might have employed to photograph them, and not because I thought, “Oooh, look at those! Aren’t they so beautiful!! Bet no one has photographed them in this angle/view/composition.” blah blah. Take it.. someone already has.

P. S. “Beauty” is subjective concept. I use the word bearing in mind the broadly accepted norm, and only as far as photography is concerned. There is, however, no doubt in the therapeutic properties of nature in the development of mental and emotional health.

P. S. 2: Although, I create such images, I would never want my surroundings to look so dreary. It’s a liberty I take because I can afford it. Nature is very kind to me. It is indeed beautiful.

On Cloud Nine

This image was taken one evening on the way to the Royal Festival Hall where my younger daughter, Steffi, was performing.

I don’t want to write too much about it, except that I loved the scene as I looked up. I had my camera, and knew exactly what I wanted. It makes me very happy to have achieved that.

A sweet poem by Ruby Archer fits the scene..

A little cloud stood lonely
Amid the evening sky;
Doubting and fearful waiting there,—
No other cloudlet nigh.

Sapna Dhandh-Sharma