My mummy, I want to be your daughter in every life.

I appreciate you, mummy. I appreciate your honesty, your selflessness, your courage. I appreciate your smile, your generosity, your gentle nature and your kind heart.

I appreciate how you value relationship over money, and people over material things. It’s nice to see how your happiness is not dictated by external things. It makes complete sense how you parted with all things material without a second thought or frown when it came to choosing between the two. And you asked for nothing in return. Not even a day’s work. You equipped me with all the skills – the cooking, the sewing, the washing, the cleaning, the reading, the writing, the driving, the DIY, all taught by you, but you never used any of this for your benefit. Never imposed. You don’t even know I make lovely food, because you never let me work when I visit. You spoil me. I snap out of the chapatti-making mode and become a lazy daughter around you. But one day I’d like to treat you to my cooking. I have decades of practice. Even a fussy person like you are bound to like my food. 

I often tell my girls about you being a hands-on mum who came to our school to find out about our progress. How you woke us up at 4 am on exam days, to ask us science and mathematics questions! You made us several cups of ginger tea to keep us awake and alert. I so wanted to go back to bed every morning. How you loved mathematics while I hated it. How you skillfully balanced the extended in-laws family life and our education is nothing short of being remarkable. 

You are a unique person in every sense of the word. I’ve seen enough world to say this with confidence. 
God bless you, my sweet sweet mummy. I want to be your daughter in every life.

P. S. I love mathematics now and my girls think I’m a hands-on mum too. 😊