Who resides over Lord Vishnu when, allegorically, no one can?

Lord Vishnu

This stone statue was in a small 500-year old temple in Amer. I first thought that the three seated on top formed the trimurti, the Hindu trinity.  Upon close inspection I realised that the main standing statue is of Lord Vishnu, who happens to be one of the three supreme gods of the trimurti. And those seated above Vishnu cannot be identified as the trimurti. They are dressed more like sages than like Gods, who are figures of ostentation, except for Lord Shiva, who appears handsomely powerful even when seated half-naked. And his hair is beautifully top-knotted with Ganga flowing out of his curly hair-locks. He would never sit docile like a sage. And then, these are three.

So, who are they? Could one of them be Narad muni? But he originates from Vishnu’s navel. Let’s say the connecting piece fell off during the move. What about the other two figures then?

Or are they not even part of the main statue? Two separate stone carvings placed together, like in most places where ancient temples and palaces are in a state of disrepair and neglect, and stones weathering at different rates.

Could this explain the difference in colour of these two pieces?

Whatever maybe the case, it’s a beautiful piece that’s survived half a millennium, and probably would last another half.

… Sapna Dhandh-Sharma

My Imaginary World

I’m imagining my world to be just that view.

The world with the sky in it.

The world with the birds in it.

The world with the butterflies in it.

The world with the Sun in it.

The world with green grass in it.

The world with many trees in it.

The world with cattle in it.

The world with rain in it.

The world with air in it.

The world with the moon in it.

The world with the stars in it.

The world with no people in it.

The world with just me in it.

Me, my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, my life, changing with the changing season.

My world locked in them.

…… Sapna Dhandh Sharma